How To Install A Scotty Flush Deck Mount Rod Holder

I am going to be installing a scotty flush deck mount rod holder on my jackson Cuda.  Im going to be using this mount for my camera mostly, Ill be using the scotty portable camera mount to hold the camera.  I will be using the flat spot by the middle hatch toward the front of the kayak to mount the camera.  This can be installed using stainless nuts and bolts or rivets, normally if I can get to the back of the mount from a hatch I will use nuts and bolts over rivets. If you need a scotty mount or scotty camera mount you can find it here
Scotty Flush Deck Mount with Rain Cap and Scotty 135 Camera Mount Post
Ok lets get started

  1. step one is to get all your tools and hardware together.  You will  one scotty deck mount, black marker, marine sealant, hole saw, screwdriver, drill and drill bit or rivets and a rivet to install scotty flush deck mount on kayak
  2. Find the spot you want to mount your scotty mount, set the mount on the kayak and trace the bottom with your black marker, it should look something like the picture.marking location for scotty flush mount
  3. Next using your drill and hole saw drill out the hole for your mount.  You will want the hole to be a nice and tight fit.  After you drill your hole set the scotty mount in the hole and mark the spots to drill   for your bolts or rivets depending on what your going to be using.drill hole for scotty flush mount
  4. Drill your holes for your bolts or rivets, I like to drill one hole then insert your bolt or rivet as you go to make sure everything lines up when your done.  Next apply your marine sealant to the kayak and to the bottom of the scotty flush deck mount, don’t be shy with the sealant.                 apply marine sealant to back of scotty deck mount
  5. Next install your mount using your bolts and nuts or rivets.  I also recommend using washers along with the nuts to help distribute the stress on the kayak if your going to be using this for a rod holder.  I also like to apply a small dab of marine sealant on the tops on the rivets or bolts to help with waterproofing.                                                                                   Scotty flush deck mount installedscotty flush deck mount with rod holderscotty flush deck mount with scotty camera mount

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